Deployment Patterns

The base products for WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator are WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Identity Server.

  • The Identity Server can be deployed in clustered setup for high availability (HA) and is recommended for production deployment environments. You can run multiple nodes of WSO2 Identity Server in a cluster mode for seamless request handling and balanced traffic handling.

  • The API Manager can have an All-in-One Deployment as well as a Distributed Deployment where the server nodes separately run the API Manager profiles. Typically, when you get started with the API Manager in a development environment, you deploy it as a single instance with all its components on a single server. In a production deployment, the components are deployed in a distributed manner for HA. Therefore, you can create a distributed deployment of the main components.

This page describes the recommended patterns for a HA deployment of WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator and its base products.

Deployment Patterns

Pattern 1

Single node (All-in-one) deployment with API Manager and Identity Server.


Pattern 2

Multi-node deployment with 2 API Manager instances and an Identity Server.


Pattern 3

Single node (All-in-one) deployment with API Manager and 2 Identity Server instances.


Pattern 4

Multi-node deployment with API Manager, Identity Server, and Streaming Integrator.


Setting up deployment

Set up WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator and its base products by following the Install and Setup section.

Identity Server HA Deployment


Set the hostname of the Identity Server node as obiam.


Follow the Nginx configuration that exposes /oauth2, /commonauth, and other endpoints.

API Manager HA Deployment


WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator does not support the multi-tenancy capabilities in WSO2 API Manager

Open ports

Product Port Usage
WSO2 API Manager 9763 HTTP servlet port
9443 HTTPS servlet port
8280,8243 NIO/PT transport ports
WSO2 Identity Server 9766 HTTP servlet port
9446 HTTPS servlet port
4000 Ports to be opened with respect to clustering membership scheme used