Customize Authentication Steps

This section explains how to customize the default authentication steps according to your requirements.


The Adaptive Authentication script for the solution is available at <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/common.auth.script.js. You can customize this script and engage custom authenticators. Implement any required custom authenticators and configure them using the Adaptive Authentication script.

Customize the Application Management Listener

The default Application Management Listener in WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator supports configuring only one primary local authenticator and only one federated authenticator for regulatory service providers. Therefore, customize it by overriding the default Application Management Listener according to your requirements:

  1. Customize the following methods:

    • setAuthenticators method: override this method to configure any number of authentication steps and read the relevant authenticator configurations via your toolkit configuration files.
    • setConditionalAuthScript method: override this method to read your custom common.auth.script.js from a configured location.
  2. Build and configure the customized JAR file according to the Application Management Listener documentation.

  3. Add your customized common.auth.script.js file to the configured location.

  4. Based on your requirements, add the authenticator configurations via the Identity Server Management Console at https://<IS_HOST>:9446/carbon.

For more information, see the Application Management Listener documentation.