Consent Manage

WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator consists of endpoints to manage consents. You can customize relevant components according to your requirements using the extension points available. This section explains the Consent Manage component and how to customize the /manage endpoint.

The Consent Manage component processes requests based on specification requirements. The extension point of this component is the ConsentManageHandler interface. It contains methods that support HTTP GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, and PATCH methods. The interface also contains ConsentManageData object that holds data related to the request. Given below is a summary of details related to this extension.




The handleFileUploadPost and handleFileGet methods above are only available as a WSO2 Update from WSO2 Open Banking Identity Server Accelerator Level onwards. For more information on updating WSO2 Open Banking, see Updating WSO2 Products.

Error Handling

In any of the consent extensions, if an error scenario occurs and you need to send an error response make sure to throw a ConsentException.


The following table explains the data available in ConsentManageHandler.

Name Type Description
headers Map The request headers received in the request.
payload Object The payload of the client request. This can either be a JSONObject or a JSONArray instance.
queryParams Map The query parameters received in the request as a Map.
requestPath String The request path to invoke the endpoint. This is the {custom-path} part mentioned above.
clientId String The client ID of the application that made the request. This application is bound to the request from the gateway insequence based on the token used.
request HttpServletRequest The original HTTP servlet request. Use this to extract any other properties from the request.
response HttpServletResponse The HTTP servlet response object. If required, you can make any changes to this.
responseStatus ResponseStatus The status of the response that needs to be sent out regarding the current request.
responsePayload Object The payload of the response that needs to be sent out regarding the current request. This should generally be a JSONObject.


To configure the customized Consent Manage component, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/deployment.toml file.

  2. Locate the following tag and configure it with the customized component.