Set Up Accelerators

This section guides you to set up and prepare your servers to run WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator.

Step 1: Set up accelerators

Copy the extracted accelerator directories into the root directories of the respective base products. Use the table to locate the respective root directory of the base products:

File Directory location to place the Accelerator
wso2-obiam-accelerator-3.0.0 <IS_HOME>
wso2-obam-accelerator-3.0.0 <APIM_HOME>

Step 2: Configure database scripts


WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator is compatible with the following DBMSs:

  • MySQL 8.0
  • Oracle 19c
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • PostgreSQL 13

This section explains how to set up the solution with a MySQL 8.0 database server. For other DBMS, see Setting up databases.

  1. Open the <APIM_HOME>/<OB_APIM_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/repository/conf/ file.

  2. Configure the hostnames of the API Manager and Identity Server.

  3. Configure databases related properties and database names.

  4. Open the <IS_HOME>/<OB_IS_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/repository/conf/ file and repeat step 2 and 3.

Step 3: Set up servers

  1. Run the script in <APIM_HOME>/<OB_APIM_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/bin and <IS_HOME>/<OB_IS_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/bin respectively:


  2. Run the files in <APIM_HOME>/<OB_APIM_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/bin and <IS_HOME>/<OB_IS_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/bin respectively:


3.Copy the following files to the given directory paths:

File to copy Location to
wso2is-extensions-1.2.10/dropins/wso2is.key.manager.core-1.2.10.jar <IS_HOME>/repository/components/dropins
wso2is-extensions-1.2.10/dropins/wso2is.notification.event.handlers-1.2.10.jar <IS_HOME>/repository/components/dropins
wso2is-extensions-1.2.10/webapps/keymanager-operations.war <IS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/webapps

Step 4: Start servers

  1. Run the following command in <IS_HOME>/bin:
  2. Run the following command in <APIM_HOME>/bin: