Introspection Data Provider

WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator contains a default introspection data provider implementation in the OBDefaultIntrospectionDataProvider class.


You can use this class to add any additional properties to the introspection response.


getIntrospectionData method

This method lets you add any additional properties to the response of the introspection request.


Do not override the current implementation of the getIntrospectionData method.

To make sure the current implementation is intact, invoke the original implementation using the super keyword as shown below:

public Map < String, Object > getIntrospectionData(OAuth2TokenValidationRequestDTO oAuth2TokenValidationRequestDTO,
  OAuth2IntrospectionResponseDTO oAuth2IntrospectionResponseDTO)
throws IdentityOAuth2Exception {

  super.getKeyId(certificate, signatureAlgorithm, tenantDomain);