Custom Data Publishing

WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator supports publishing data in the API gateway and authentication components. Additionally, you can publish a new data stream via an executor in the gateway. This page explains how to publish any data stream using a custom executor:

Write an executor for data publishing

Write a new gateway executor to publish data and configure it according to the Custom Gateway Executor documentation.

Publish data

Use the publishData method to publish data.

publishData method

This method validates the data provided in the map against your configurations and publishes them to WSO2 Open Banking Business Intelligence.

The publishData method is available in the following class:;

The method signature is as follows:

public static void publishData(String streamName, String streamVersion, Map<String, Object> analyticsData)

Given below is a brief explanation of the input parameters:

  • String streamName: The name of the data stream
  • String streamVersion: The version of the stream.
  • Map<String, Object> analyticsData: A map containing the data attributes (name and value) to be published

For example, you can invoke the method as follows:


Configure data streams and attributes

To define the data stream and the set of attributes you want to publish, configure them as follows:

  1. Open <APIM_HOME>/repository/conf/deployment.toml.
  2. Defining the name of the stream as follows:
    name="<Data Stream name>"
  3. For each data attribute configure their name, data type, priority, and whether they are mandatory or optional:

    name=<attribute name>
    type=<attribute type>
    Configuration Data Type Description
    name string The name of the data attribute.
    priority integer Specifies the order of the attribute in the data stream.
    required boolean This is an optional value.
    If this is set to true, a validation will ensure before publishing data that this particular attribute is present in the data map and is not null.
    This is treated as false, if not explicitly mentioned.
    type string This is an optional value.
    This validates whether the attribute in the data map is of the type configured.
    Allowed values are string, int, double, long, boolean, and float.
    This is treated as string, if not explicitly mentioned.

Create a custom Siddhi Application

You can create a customized Siddhi Application to publish your data using the instructions given here


You can refer to the existing Siddhi Applications in WSO2 Open Banking Business Intelligence Accelerator. They publish data for the events of API Invocation, access token, and authentication. The default Siddhi Applications are available in the <OB_BI_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/carbon-home/deployment/siddhi-files directory.