Publish an API

This document provides instructions to publish and subscribe to an API.

Before you begin

  • Register an application for the API consumer.
    • For testing purposes, we have included a sample Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) API in WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator. To register an application, see Dynamic Client Registration.


This document provides tryout instructions for the sample Account Information Service API available in WSO2 Open Banking Accelerator.

  1. Sign in to the API Publisher Portal at https://<APIM_HOST>:9443/publisher with creator/publisher privileges.

  2. In the homepage, go to Create API and click Import Open API. import_API

  3. Select OpenAPI File/Archive.

  4. Click Browse File to Upload and select <APIM_HOME>/<OB_APIM_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/repository/resources/apis/Accounts/account-info-swagger.yaml.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Leave the Endpoint field empty as it is and click Create.

  7. Select Subscriptions from the left menu pane and set the business plan to Unlimited: Allows unlimited requests.

  8. Click Save.

10.Go to Runtime using the left menu pane.


11.Click the edit button under Request -> Message Mediation.

12.Now, select the Custom Policy option.

13.Upload the <APIM_HOME>/<OB_APIM_ACCELERATOR_HOME>/repository/resources/apis/Accounts/accounts-dynamic-endpoint-insequence.xml file and click SELECT.

14.Scroll down and click SAVE.

15.Go to Endpoints using the left menu pane and locate Dynamic Endpoint and click Add. set_endpoint

16.Select the endpoint types; Production Endpoint/Sandbox Endpoint and click Save.

17.Go to Deployments using the left menu pane and click Deploy New Revision.

18.Provide a description for the new revision.

19.Select localhost from the dropdown list.

20.Click Deploy.

21.Go to Overview using the left menu pane and click Publish.

22.Now that you have deployed the API, go to https://<APIM_HOST>:9443/devportal.

23.Select the AccountandTransaction V3.1 API and locate Subscriptions. Then, click Subscribe. subscribe_api


The name of the sample Account Information Service API is AccountandTransaction V3.1. Select the relevant API name according to the Swagger file you published.

24.Select the application from the dropdown list and click Subscribe.